An apicoectomy is a kind of endodontic procedure that is sometimes required following an unsuccessful root canal therapy. Apicoectomy, or root canal surgery, involves the removal of the tip of a tooth root and any infected tissue, then sealing the tip.

If a root canal is blocked, or there is a crack in the root of your tooth, whereby a conventional root canal treatment cannot treat the problem, an apicoectomy is recommended. This usually only follows at least one attempt at a root canal therapy, and after X-rays have confirmed the need for surgery.

Our aim at Pearl Dental Care is to preserve your healthy teeth and restore infected ones to good health however and whenever possible. Apicoectomy is an effective procedure to remove infected tissue and protect the affected tooth from further infection, without the need for extraction and the added expense of implants.

Did Your Root Canal Fail?

If conventional root canal cannot repair your tooth, and an apicoectomy is recommended, there are several steps that your endodontist will take to restore your tooth. The procedure will be explained to you in full before any work is done, but the following is a brief summary of what you can expect.

You'll have some X-rays taken of the affected tooth to pinpoint where the infected tissue is that needs to be removed. The procedure itself will either be done using a local anesthesia or IV sedation, so you won't feel any pain. A small incision will be made to expose to tooth's root and an infected surrounding tissue, and a small segment of the root tip will be removed.

Once the infected tissue has been removed, everything is cleaned out with ultrasonic equipment and the root tip is sealed with a filling. The incision is sutured, you'll be prescribed an anti-inflammatory and back to normal within a day or two. Sutures may need to be removed on a follow-up visit, but typically dissolve on their own.

If you have had a root canal procedure fail, contact Pearl Dental Care today for a consultation regarding an apicoectomy.

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