Biomimetic Dentistry

Perhaps the term biomimetic dentistry is new to you. It is “…the art and science of restoring damaged teeth with restorations that mimic natural teeth in appearance, function and strength.” Biomimetic dentistry is actually a process of conservative restorative dentistry. The damaged part of the tooth is replaced; healthy enamel is not removed to accommodate a prosthetic such as occurs with prepping a tooth for a crown. Nature’s original design is replicated with biomimetic dentistry so restorations are strong and durable.

Biomimetic dentistry aims to restore a tooth back to its full original appearance and function without causing more damage. Evolution of dental techniques has led to the development of advanced adhesive dentistry, among other things. The advancement of dental adhesives means that fillings and other restorations for damaged teeth are now more visually appealing and they last longer than previous materials. Restorations are placed in increments using exacting measures so that the bond between the restoration and the tooth is optimum for durability and strength. Biomimetic restorations are not temporary stopgaps. Traditional fillings may need replacement after a few years. With biomimetic dentistry, the restoration is permanent.

Healthy, Conservative Treatment for Damaged Teeth 

Amalgam fillings require that healthy tooth enamel be drilled away in order to place a filling that will stay in place. Crowns require that healthy tooth enamel be whittled away so that the crown can be cemented onto the tooth. Occasionally a tooth that has been crowned will need root canal therapy due to sensitivity caused by the removal of healthy tooth structure. Biomimetic dentistry does not remove excess tooth structure. Only decayed or damaged areas are removed. The placement of a biomimetic restoration builds up the tooth structure a little at a time. The nature of the procedure causes less shrinkage between filling and tooth than normal filling materials. This significantly decreases the chances of the restoration failing in later years.

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