Cleanings & Checkups

As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We hold to that adage at Pearl Dental Care. Preventing dental problems with general dentistry before they have a chance to get started is the best way to stay healthy, keep your smile beautiful and keep money in the bank. We also understand that it is not always that easy to do. With our comprehensive dental exams, regular checkups and cleanings you will have more than a fighting chance to keep your mouth in tip top shape.

Coming in for a comprehensive dental exam provides a base line for you oral care. Your mouth is meticulously examined for any problems that may exist or may be on the verge of cropping up. Current dental issues are noted on your treatment plan so that they can be addressed before they have a chance to turn into something more serious. Neglecting regular checkups opens the door to issues that can creep up on you slowly. Time goes by and before you know it you have a full-blown problem on your hands – and in your mouth. Regular checkups and annual cleanings prevent such things from happening.

Comprehensive Dental Exams 

Getting a comprehensive dental exam can literally be a lifesaver. Most people think of the dental exam as a time for checking whether or not cavities or gum disease is present. Certainly that is a critical part of the dental exam; however another little known but critical part is the oral cancer screening. Only around 20% of adults are examined for oral cancers annually. Finding oral cancers early can literally save your life. Oral cancer is one of the easiest cancers to cure and a comprehensive dental exam can discover the problem before it has an opportunity to grow into something dangerous. Comprehensive exams also are a means of detecting other developing problems. Wisdom teeth, for example, will often grow in and become impacted. Keeping an eye on their development and addressing the issue early can mitigate the discomfort they can cause. Keep your mouth in great shape with regular checkups and cleanings provided by the excellent staff at Pearl Dental Care. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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