Cosmetic Gum Surgery

A great smile is more than just an attractive set of pearly white teeth. Healthy teeth need healthy gums to support them. The perfect smile will have the ideal balance between teeth and gums. Pearl Dental Care will convert a "gummy" or "toothy" grin into a smile that brings out just the right amount of both.

If your smile shows more gums, or more teeth, that you prefer, you could be a good candidate for cosmetic gum surgery. It's a simple restorative dental procedure that brings out more of your natural teeth while retaining a healthy supportive gum line.

An uneven gum line can be replaced with a straighter, more natural appearance and the proper tooth length. Exposed roots or excess gum tissue could also be the result of periodontal disease, which would also require surgery.

Cosmetic Periodontal Treatment

A receding gum line or inflammation of the gums often signal unhealthy gum tissue. Periodontal disease can be treated through cosmetic surgery. To protect the roots of your teeth from decay and promote healthy gum growth, your periodontist may graft gum tissue onto your existing gum line.

In some instances, a missing tooth will cause the jawbone to recede where the tooth used to be. Your gum may also dip as a consequence, when there is no tooth there for it to support. Cosmetic surgery can reshape your gums and allow a natural looking tooth to replace the missing one for a balanced healthy smile.

Whether your teeth need more or less exposure for a healthy smile, Pearl Dental Care has a cosmetic procedure that can correct it with gum or bone tissue augmentation or removal. Your teeth and gums will be restored to both good health and proper balance. Contact Pearl Dental Care today to schedule a consultation and ask your periodontist about our cosmetic periodontal treatment today.


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