Emergency Dentistry

There is probably no discomfort on earth like that experienced during a major toothache. When that pain strikes, some people rush to the hospital unaware that most hospitals are not able to successfully handle dental emergencies. They usually do not have the equipment or the expertise to address the problem. At Pearl Dental Care, we know all about dental emergencies and we know how to handle them with expert dental care and compassion.

It does not matter if the emergency is one that is driving you up the wall with mind-numbing pain or something less severe but still urgent. Our main focus is your comfort and getting the situation under control as quickly as possible. When you need to be seen right away, call Pearl Dental Care. We will do our best to get you in and get you seen so that you can be relived of your discomfort.

Sometimes it is not a severe toothache or dental trauma that constitutes a dental emergency. A broken dental appliance such as a denture, bridge or a loose crown are also situations that are best handled as soon as possible. These situations can also cause you to be anxious and stressed. Knowing that we provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere even when you are facing an emergency situation helps ease the stress. When you come to Pearl Dental Care with your emergency you will be greeted by our friendly staff and seen by the dentist as soon as possible. Our caring chairside manner will put you at ease, and knowing that you are being treated by experienced, compassionate professionals will help you relax while we take care of your problem.

When you need same day dental emergency care, contact Pearl Dental Care right away. We are here to help you and restore your peace of mind. If we cannot see you right away, rest assured that you will be seen as soon as possible. Let us know what is going on and we will do our best to provide you with information to help you until you can be seen by the dentist.

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