Treatment for Gum Disease

When oral hygiene is not what it should be, your mouth can suffer. Plaque buildup on teeth is the breeding ground for bad bacteria to begin a cascade of trouble that can lead to loss of teeth and general health. We treat gum disease at Pearl Dental with general dentistry and get you back on track with instructions on how to floss and brush your teeth so that plaque buildup is minimal. Regular checkups and cleanings will help you keep your gums and teeth in good condition.

Your oral health is important for your general wellbeing. Problems in the mouth can lead to serious general health issues such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes or pregnancy issues. If you have oral health issues, come to Pearl Dental Care and we will help you get them resolved before serious problems develop. Gum disease, when caught early, is fairly simple to turn around. With proper instruction and a home care regime, your oral health will be restored quickly.

Symptoms and Causes of Gum Disease 

Red, swollen gums are the telltale signs of gum disease. When your gums become sore and they bleed when you brush your teeth, you may have an issue with gum disease. Generally, gum disease is caused by lack of proper oral hygiene. Plaque builds up on the teeth causing bacteria to proliferate in the mouth and then cause infection to settle in. Left untreated, the plaque hardens into tartar which pushes the gums away from the teeth causing pockets to form. Food debris collects in the pockets adding even more bacteria and as the body’s natural defense system kicks in, toxins are formed which then begin to dissolve bone tissue. Teeth become loose and may even fall out.

Detecting gum disease in its earliest stages and rectifying the problem is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Prevention of more serious health problems can only happen when gum disease is addressed before it gets out of hand. If you suspect you may have gum disease, contact Pearl Dental Care today to schedule a consultation.

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