Halitosis Treatment

Have you noticed that people are quick to end conversations with you, or perhaps people often offer you a breath mint? Maybe someone close to you has mentioned that your breath needs help. If you have noticed subtle hints that there’s a problem with your breath, you could have halitosis. It is a common malady that thousands of people struggle with every year. Chronic halitosis can take a toll on your relationships and it could be a sign of a serious health problem. At Pearl Dental Care, we can help solve your bad breath problem using general dental care and get you back in the game again.

Halitosis can stem from a variety of issues. Diagnosing the problem and finding the exact cause is what we do for you at Pearl Dental Care. In some instances, it is just a matter of correcting oral hygiene practices. Brushing and flossing effectively can resolve the problem if it is related to hygiene issues. Oftentimes people are not aware that bacteria on the back of the tongue can cause bad breath. Including a good brushing of this area can keep halitosis at bay. Other causes of halitosis include tooth decay, gum disease and other infections of the mouth. In these cases, bad breath is a secondary condition. Taking care of the primary infection will eliminate the problem. We are able to determine the cause and provide a treatment plan that will correct it.

 Treatment for Bad Breath

In order to determine the cause of your bad breath a thorough oral exam is needed. When the root cause is isolated we will advise you of your options. Treatment could be as simple as changing your brushing habits and using an effective mouthwash. Infections in the mouth need to be treated, whether it is an infected tooth, gums, or other problem. If it is determined that your halitosis is not connected with mouth issues, you will be advised to consult your primary physician. Bad breath can also be caused by gastric or digestive problems. It is important to seek help as soon as possible when you discover that you have this problem. Early diagnosis and treatment means the problem can be addressed in the early stages before more serious developments take place. Don't let bad breath be a hindrance in your personal or professional life, contact Pearl Dental Care today schedule an appointment.

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