Other Surgical Procedures

Beyond the more common types of oral surgery and restorative dentistry, Pearl Dental Care offers a wide range of additional oral surgical procedures at our Culver City office including:

Frenectomy – Frenulum is connective tissue that holds the connected organs in place. In the mouth, the frenum is located between the inside of the upper lip and the upper gum. It is sometimes necessary to surgically repair this frenum if it is too long or too short. This procedure is known as a frenectomy. In some instances, the frenum causes spaces to develop between the adjoining teeth, requiring an incision be made to prevent the spacing to redevelop after braces have closed the gap. A frenectomy can also aid in providing a better fit for denture wearers.

Soft Tissue Biopsy – Oral health care involves more than just maintaining a healthy smile. Oral cancer is a considerable risk, in particular for tobacco users. When dental care reveals lesions or other potential signs of affected tissue, your dentist will remove a soft tissue sample for diagnosis.

Alveoplasty – When teeth are removed from the jawbone, the gum line may be uneven with high and low points where teeth have been extracted. Alveoplasty is surgical reshaping of the jawbone for improved denture fit.

Incision and Drainage – For the treatment of infection that has progressed beyond the affected tooth into surrounding tissue, an incision will allow the area to be drained of pus then irrigated with a sterile solution.

Bone Replacement Graft – To ensure that the jawbone has sufficient bone to support implants, grafting may be required. This can be done either with bone of your own or processed bone, and will require the bone to fuse with the jawbone before implants can be made.

Your Pearl Dental Care team is dedicated to providing you with the very best oral health care and a dental plan that will give you the smile you deserve. Contact us today for an appointment and ask us about the services we offer to keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright.

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