Periodontal Therapy

Red, swollen gums that bleed when your brush is an indication of gum disease. When gum disease is extensive, it is called periodontal disease. This can be a very serious issue for your general health and well-being as well as your oral health. When general dentistry is not enough to treat the issues with your gums, then periodontal therapy is needed. Conditions of the gum that do not respond to minor interventions need more extensive treatment found in periodontal therapy.

Since periodontitis has been linked to several serious health issues, it is important to get it treated as quickly as possible. Cardiovascular problems, stroke, type 2 diabetes and problems with pregnancy such as premature delivery and low birthweight have been associated with periodontal disease. We provide excellent treatment for periodontal disease at Pearl Dental Care.

Gum Infection Treatment 

Inflamed tissues around the teeth can cause the gums to shrink. This exposes the tooth root making it more susceptible to decay. Pockets form between the teeth and gums trapping food particles as tartar builds up on the teeth. Professional cleaning is required to restore health to the area. Your dentist will explain to you the procedure for treatment of the gum infection. It may require minor surgery and/or medication.

Scaling and Root Planing 

Because of the buildup of tartar around the teeth, each tooth will need to be cleaned and pockets around the tooth measured. Special dental instruments are used to scrape off the tartar build up and remove all the plaque from around the teeth. Then the roots of the teeth are smoothed out with planing. This provides a surface for the gums to reattach as they heal.

Our dentist will prescribe a treatment plan and most likely you will need additional visits so that the progress of healing can be monitored. It is important to follow through with your treatment plan as periodontitis can cause severe health issues in addition to loosening your teeth. Do not hesitate to get your gum disease diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Contact Pearl Dental Care today for a consultation.

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