Root Canal Re-treatment

Preserving your natural teeth has many advantages, which is why we at Pearl Dental Care make this the focus of your dental treatment. Even a tooth that has already had a root canal isn't necessarily a lost cause. It happens on occasion that a tooth experiences a reinfection because it didn't heal correctly after the initial procedure.

New sources of decay may have developed, a new fracture in the tooth might have appeared. For whatever reason, root canal re-treatment is sometimes necessary. Before giving up on your natural tooth, a re-treatment using state-of-the-art techniques may rescue it once and for all.

Saving your natural tooth gives the surrounding teeth the support they need, provides you with a natural look and the chewing and biting sensation of a real tooth. It also saves a great deal of expense and additional surgery involved with replacing your existing tooth.

Why Do a Root Canal Re-treatment?

As mentioned previously, it's always the preferred option to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. Your previous root canal therapy may not have had the benefits of today's techniques, depending on where and when it was done.

Reinfection of a tooth is not uncommon, nor does it mean that it's not repairable. Some teeth simply don't fully heal after a procedure for reasons that are easily fixed. For example, a fracture in the root that was missed the first time, or surrounding tissue that wasn't initially removed. It could be something as simple as a cracked or broken crown.

The alternative to re-treatment of a tooth that has already been treated with root canal therapy is extraction and replacement. Additionally, that option will still require treatment of infected tissue surrounding the existing tooth. Your endodontist will cover the pros and cons of re-treatment with you so you can develop a care plan together. Contact Pearl Dental Care today to schedule an appointment regarding a root canal re-treatment.

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