Root Canal Therapy

An infected tooth can produce excruciating discomfort. When your tooth has gotten to the point where you are in constant pain, putting off treatment is no longer an option. Neglecting it at this point can lead to serious problems that could land you in the hospital. Unfortunately, many people have misconceived notions about root canal therapy which causes them to put it off until their discomfort overrides their fear. The truth is, root canal therapy or RCT is the procedure that eliminates the pain and saves the tooth. When the nerve center of the tooth has become infected, there are two options – extraction or RCT.

At Pearl Dental Care, we believe that saving your natural tooth with general dentistry, if possible, is the best alternative. However, only a thorough examination of the situation can reveal whether or not the tooth can be saved though RCT. It is always better to keep your natural teeth if there is a choice because replacement teeth, though quite good with modern dental technology, can never be quite as good as the real thing.

When root canal therapy is an option your dentist will thoroughly explain the procedure to you. It involves removing the nerve of the tooth, sterilizing the canal and filling it with a special material to prevent further decay. This procedure allows you to keep your natural tooth while eliminating the pain caused by the infection.

 Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

When tooth decay is neglected, it moves from the hard enamel surface to the inner regions which are softer. Here it spreads faster eventually reaching the center of the tooth, or pulp where the nerve resides. Once this area is attacked, infection sets in resulting in pain and swelling. An abscess may form at the apex of the root causing more problems. RCT removes the decay from the tooth and the root. It also removes the infection from the abscess relieving pain and swelling.

Advances in dental technology have made RCT a much less intimidating experience. Dental instruments, techniques and anesthetics have improved procedures like this. If it is determined that you are a candidate for root canal therapy, our dentist will explain in depth what you can expect during the treatment and proper aftercare. Contact Pearl Dental Care to schedule a consultation for yourself or a member of your family.

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