Six Month Smiles

For many adults, the idea of wearing braces to correct their smiles is just too traumatizing to consider. The image of wearing a metallic brace for months or even years keeps them from achieving the fabulous smiles they deserve.

Six Month Smiles is the answer. A safe, affordable and very effective orthodontic treatment, it makes braces an appealing option for many patients. If you're looking for a less expensive and faster method of straightening your smile, Six Month Smiles may be for you.

As an orthodontic technique, Six Month Smiles puts you on a fast track to straighter teeth. In just six months, versus several years, you can get great results. Six Month Smiles will provide you with visibly straighter teeth for the social smile you crave.

Short Term Orthodontics

Short term orthodontics are not intended for everyone and won't correct every bite issue that conventional braces are often required to fix. If you want to get a straighter smile up front, as affordably and quickly as possible, then short term orthodontics such as Six Month Smiles may be just what you're looking for.

Short term orthodontics are less expensive and less invasive than many long term procedures, and generally only require monthly follow-up visits for minor adjustments during treatment.

If your mouth suffers from simple tooth crowding or spacing issues, a short term orthodontic treatment could be ideal for you too. Depending on how much orthodontic work your mouth needs, you may ultimately want to augment your treatment. Your Pearl Dental Care orthodontist can explain to you the benefits as well as the limitations of using short term orthodontic techniques. Contact us today and schedule your consultation to find out if short term orthodontics are for you.

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