Temporary Dentures

In order for a patient to have immediate replacement of missing teeth after a surgical procedure, temporary dentures are available to fill the gap until a more permanent replacement is made.

When your teeth require surgery, there is no way to be sure prior to the restorative dentistry procedure what the shape of your mouth will ultimately be. Gum tissue commonly shrinks during post-surgery healing, thereby changing the contours of your gum line. To replace your teeth right after surgery requires some guesswork, meaning that the fit of your temporary denture will likely not be ideal.

The benefit of temporary dentures, however, is that they provide a support, or framework, for your natural teeth to keep their shape and position while your mouth heals after surgery. You won't need to wait until you've fully healed to have a full complement of teeth.

Interim Tooth Replacement

As with temporary dentures, interim tooth replacement will give you the advantage of not having to live with a tooth gap while waiting for a permanent crown. An acrylic interim tooth with fit between the adjoining teeth. Anchoring fixtures can be added for a more secure fit.

To make your interim tooth fit naturally, an impression of your mouth will be made prior to surgery. A plaster mold will be sent to our lab to create a tooth whose shape and color match your natural teeth.

The interim tooth replacement serves the dual role of providing a full smile while your gums heal as well as protecting tissue in the area and limiting bleeding during healing. Again, the fit of an interim tooth is approximation based on the shape of the tissue prior to surgery. It may not be a perfect fit once the gums have healed. You will then need additional impressions made to make a permanent tooth replacement.

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